Sunday, September 23, 2012



It is when the light and darkness meet,
When the day and night merge,
It is when twilight reigns
In that moment you submerge.

It is when the man and woman unite,
In the shadows of the night,
The silence broken by a moan,
In that moment of ecstasy,
And the ride to fantasy,
The stillness after the storm.

It is when I held your hand,
Ever so delicately,
Lest my heart stop its beat,
And the moment took my breathe away.

And as I led the blind old man,
Right across the street,
That gentle pressure on my hand,
Told me many a tale,
Where light was only darkness,
As the moments ticked away,
And as a smile lit his face,
I knew he was there,
In that moment of darkness,
Lit by divine grace.

Every moment, a lost moment,
And they pass you by,
They have frozen in time,
Though the clock keeps ticking away,
Defined the meaning of your life.

1 comment:

Ram said...

Yes. Some moments are frozen in time - others just get blown away into oblivion!