Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am just an ordinary man,

I do just what I can,

So let me be

As you can see,

I am one of those who also ran.

You cannot say I do not care;

Of love and dreams, I have had my share:

Of pain and pleasure,

In no small measure,

Though now I stand alone and stare.

I am sixty. So what? Anyone who is not dead by then will also be. I have retired. From what? So what now? Too many questions. I have been asked “So, what do you intend doing now?”

That was ten months ago, my intentions are still not clear. My friends and colleagues were sure that with my talents and varied interests I would never be at a loss to keep myself productively occupied. The problem is that I took them at face value and am now seriously trying to find out where my talents lie and what my interests are.

It has been a long standing ambition of mine to write a book and what better than to write one’s autobiography. I have always thought that it is easiest to write one’s own story, but now I have found that it is hard to expose what you have hidden so long. Also it is tough when you have nothing spectacular that has happened in your life. You have had an ordinary life.

An ordinary life, yes, I have lived, I have loved and I shall one day die an ordinary man.