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To say that I am overwhelmed by the initial responses received for my second book would be an understatement. As an author I feel fulfilled when the reader says he has connected with the book and totally identifies with the situations narrated therein. I thought it fit to take out excerpts from the reviews received so far and present them to the readers of my blog.

Is there light beyond the Darkness?
By Sridhar Raju
GSS portrays with great sensitivity a variety of subjects including the search for roots, the coping with loneliness, the attraction of extremist thought; the misery of child widowhood. The settings are vivid, the detailing of the characters authentic and the framing of their feelings very touching It will be a rare person who will not be able to empathize with the protagonists in each story chapter. I did wonder why it is not treated as a collection of short stories because each chapter is readable on a stand-alone basis but then there is a common thread which runs through each one of them weaving them into a gossamer cocoon.
Whether it is Sankara or Master Moshai or Rajam each one is in search of the thing which will bring meaning to their fractured existence..
What I really liked about the book is the way the author(?) gives each protagonist the space to express his/her deepest thoughts and gives each one of them sympathetic platform.

An Outstanding Work of Fiction by a Master Craftsman
By Induchoodan Menon
Subbu’s new book “Darkness and Beyond- A Medley of Many Lives” has been a revelation to me. It contains 9 short stories each one exploring a different aspect of the human existence. If in his first book “I am just an ordinary man” Subbu was exploring the art of conveying the nuances of human emotions in simple prose, in the latest book he shows that he has become a master of this art. His prose has got a lyrical quality about it which enables him to capture the subtleties of the emotional states of the characters with ease and precision. It is obvious that Subbu has now matured into a master craftsman who could describe the fever and fret of the human existence while at the same time giving us glimpses of the deeper meaning that lies beyond them.

Incredible!! Motivational read! Author's philosophical writing outshines !
By Inderjit Kaur 
Author's philosophical writing outshines and that is what makes him different from others! There's lots of authenticity in his work. I'm amazed to witness the deep philosophical writing of GS Subbu that makes him shine in the crowd, specially the detailing that's so well described and the author has successfully completed the presentation of 9 lives by adding crisply crafted words that so well describe the roots of Indian values.

The cover in itself conveys all and makes a reader inquisitive to know what the author has now to convey --an ordinary mans' experience in today’s scenario-- a big gap in the days the author had undergone trying to find a bridge between the school of thought of the older generation vis a vis the present and future -- an ideal book that keeps a reader engrossed
Every chapter only makes the reader think back to his old days where he also has undergone similar experiences and makes one think -- darkness after light or light after darkness and what is in store.

By Amazon Customer
GS Subbu's second book Darkness and Beyond - A Medley of Many Lives - is a reader's delight in as much each and every situation is brought out so vividly in each of the Chapters and can be easily connected with the reader's own life bringing nostalgic feeling. The crafting of the book is so wonderfully done and in a style that is different from others. The author has succeeded in understanding what the readers expect and rose to satisfy by narrating the events in an extremely delightful manner. The language is lucid and the depiction of the situations so well connected with realism, Let me concede though I am not a voracious reader this book has endeared to me so much that I read it whole in one go

Excellent peace of work and fiction
By Rutvi Pandya

Subbu 's book Darkness and Beyond is a work of fiction and engrosses the reader in such a way that once u start reading you will not like to leave without completing the same. I like all the chapters which he wrote beautifully and given a message that there is always a light after darkness.

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