Wednesday, September 21, 2016



You peacefully make your way,
Across ephemeral heights,
Look down,
This mortal tries to reach you,
Shed a tear or two,
Cleanse him,
His frivolous fantasies,,
Have stained and stirred his whim.

You drift away endlessly,
Showering on distant views,
Like a lover, your nectar;
Whilst he a balloon bloats,
Rises high,
In new found power;
Falls down dead and dry,
An autumn leaf from the sky.

Sometimes ominous, in greyish form,
You burst in tears and seek,
To reform,
Our brownish parched pastures,
To dress in verdant cloaks,
While he in rapture,
Squeezes out little saltish drops,
To revive in vain those visions lost

I gaze above,
Your whiskers white,
With silent wisdom,
Makes me shiver.
As my ignorance heightens,
Assumes appalling attitudes,
Dumbfounded I bow my head,
On the guillotine,
Awaiting my execution.