Monday, September 3, 2012


A Matter of Opinion

Let me not sermonise,
What is right and what is wrong,
For your life is only Yours,
Its for you to live and die.

Who am I to tell you why,
The grass is green,
Or blue is the sky,
You may think it otherwise.

As I sit on the shore,
I find the sea so sublime,
You may say it frightens you;

As I listen to the waves lash,
I feel the stirrings of the soul,
But you may say,
Its marking time.

So who am I to tell you why,
For your life is Yours,
Its for you to live and die.

When I listen to that soulful tune,
As it comes floating from afar,
The song of that solitary reaper,
Evokes a melancholy in my heart,
Memories of a day that made us part,
But I know you will say,
Its nothing but a woman’s cry.

So who am I to tell you why,
For your life is Yours,
Its for you to live and die.

When I stood and gazed,
At the painting on the wall,
In wonderment of the hand
that held the brush,
And brought to life
all the shades of the sublime,
You just stood, then moved on.

So who am I to ask you why,
I had stood and you moved on,
For its your life and you decide.


Ram said...

Beauriful - didn't get the last verse!

Varsha said...

What you have written here were my morning musings today! It is rather uncanny! Why do we want to impose our thoughts on others? Why do we think another person should see the world as I see it? Each person is different and has different perspective about everything.
One day I was telling my 12 year old grandson to admire the beauty of the place we live in. I was talking about the tall beautiful trees. His remark was,"nani, they are only trees."
Well said Subbu, we have to let each person enjoy life as they wish to, they all have their own perspective and view.I like your writings.