Thursday, January 27, 2011



An eternity,
An hour, two had passed,
He sat watching the lizard
On the wall,
Crawling, creeping
Towards its prey.

The footsteps stopped,
The door creaked,
The doctor came
And pronounced the end.

He stared at her face ,
Into space,
Onto the wall.
The lizard had gone,
And the prey.

The wall remained
A silent grey spectator.

And they came,
One by one, and more:
And they left,
One by one, and more,
With folded hands,
And bowed heads,
And some with tears.

And he sat,
As the numbness grew,
For the lizard on the wall
And the prey.

The grey wall remained,
A silent grey spectator.

In the other room,
The old man lies,
Waiting to expire.

And here we sit,
Laugh and shout
Till we perspire.

And the old man is deaf.

The shadows in the room lengthen
And blind his vision,
And he groans to feel,
He is still alive.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Today I return to my blog after spending the entire 2010 in silence. Was it intentional, like I have said previously that I lapse into periods of silence? No it just happened. However a lot of other things happened also – I retired from my job, moved to my own house and got my younger daughter married. All during 2010. I have been told that as now I am free of all my responsibilities I can do the things that I have always wanted to. Well one is never free of responsibilities, add to that, I am not really very sure what I want. For a start however I wanted to break my silence. So here I am sitting in front of my computer, the time being 12.15 am, doing exactly what I wanted. Good is’nt it?

I continue with my encounters,
Like silence,
in the midst of all this sound,
A blank page,
In the midst of all these words,
In the midst of all this Being.

He crossed the road,
In front of my car,
At the pedestrian crossing:
Well groomed, well dressed,
A pleasant look on his face,
He walked at a brisk pace:
A purposeful stride,
To reach the other side.

And he had no hands.