Saturday, September 29, 2012


 Moments - 2

There are moments,
When no words spill,
There is only silence,
That alone speaks,
To find that ardour,
The heart alone seeks.

A  deafened world listens,
As the bow moves,
Back and forth,
On the strings of life,
The player fallen prey,
To an everlasting strain.

On the stage the pantomime,
Struggles to keep alive,
His rhythm and rhyme;
As a muted world gazes,
At his desperate acts,
To make his silence speak.

The colours on the canvas,
Spread rich and bright,
But the sightless world seeks,
In the dead of night,
All that passion that had flown,
Now nowhere in sight.

The muse in the midst,
Of his musings sat,
His eyes closed,
In his silent world,
As the listless world outside,
Wanders to and fro.

As the warrior wields his sword,
The poet plays with his words,
Mowing down the barriers,
Of the body and the mind,
While the world finds it self bound,
To the tethers on the ground.

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