Sunday, July 29, 2012


Disturbed Minds

This city stinks,
Of piled up garbage,
And disturbed minds;
Broken pavements,
And attitudes.
Deifying  posters on the wall,
Gods and goddesses,
You have seen them all.
This stifling heat,
This sweat drenched body,
Moist hands and burning feet
People growl, they do not talk.
I see all this as I walk.
Oh! where can I see,
That speck of green,
I see only walls,
They fill this scene;
So I seek refuge on the shore,
To sit and listen,
To the waves roar,
But here I find the crowds throng,
As the sun sings its evensong.

Oh! where will I find my Solitude,
In the midst of all this multitude?

Then in the distance I could see,
An old couple staring at the sea,
Enveloped in peace and serenity.
Oblivious of the world around,
They sat in silence,
As the sun went down,
And I watched as they rose,
Hand in hand they walked away,
Into the twilight,
And the silence of the night.

The turbulences in my disturbed mind,
Slowly died at this sight,
And my Solitude, it was there,
That I had searched for everywhere.


Varsha said...

Solitude,peace,serenity is all in the mind. Mundane life and everyday attitudes are a part of our scenario at home. One just needs to be alone with oneself to enjoy the bounties of nature.
Well said Subbu, your pathos comes out very well.
The lives of most people is full of everyday struggles,which leaves them with no time for kindness and patience. It's a world full of inadequacies and want.

A.J.Rao said...

nice one,Subbu