Monday, September 19, 2011


Coming to the question of choice, we spend our entire life making choices. We have to accept responsibility for whatever we have chosen. Any choice would entail the exercise of your individuality with its accompanying risk and commitment. It is also true that in our present times we suppress a major portion of our individuality in order to avoid conflicts. We choose to conform with our external world. Looking to the larger picture of a world without conflicts this would seem a necessity. When we talk in terms of not hurting others in the conduct of our lives, it is easily said than done. If we talk about being helpful to others it is a question from an ethical viewpoint. Where there is suppression of individuality in the first case, the second is a result of resolution of conflicts within oneself and the choices we have made is an exercise of our free will. May be then we shall be able to live a life without regrets. Because you are really sorry for actions that have hurt others , you feel sincerely committed to responsibilities that you have undertaken (which is still a choice).

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